It was just Great to be Out There~ Birkie 14′

Another one is in the books. The ’14 Birkie was one that will be discussed for awhile. From 15″+ of New Dry Snow that arrived just over a day before, to Wind, Cold and more. As folks discuss the race many are not overly pleased with their time, others their skis etc. We always need to reflect on Nordic Events much differently than cycling, running and many other events. Things to always consider:

1. Event organizers are always trying to deliver the BEST conditions. This can be made difficult by Mother nature not delivering small, frequent amounts of the proper moisture snow followed by a drop in temp. We did well this year as Europe has suffered poor to no snow and events like the Tartu Marathon in Estonia had to be cancelled.

2. Few sports have as many variables. From Training (A Big One), equipment, wax, grinds, temps, wind snow moisture……

3. Your personal energy level

4. If you have are competitive: How did you do in relation to others.

(But do you know what they did to prepare?)

Probably not, so don’t sweat it. Some days are your and others not.

5. Just remember~ You were Out There. First, middle or last there is a whole entire WORLD of people who will never take on a challenge like Nordic Skiing and you DID.

So look back at it as a great life experience that you can challenge yourself and others to again. With today you have 363 days to go so Get Out There!