Classic ~ It still makes you Better!

Even after about 10,000 yrs of folks Nordic skiing in the “Traditional” or Classic style there are still folks out there that seem to want to disregard this technique. When we look at how the top elite skiers in the world train the answer for 30 yrs has been ” At least 60% Classic” Even this past weekend at the “Out There with Adam Loomis” event someone asked Adam if he ever classic skis ( as Nordic Combined utilizes the skate / freestyle technique) his reply was ” Yes we spend about 60% of our time classic skiing”. Kris & I both being big Classic skiers as well as CXC/USSA certified coaches see the benefits of classic skiing to all skiers. This technique really holds the fundamentals of the sport. From single leg balance to the double pole. One large component of classic skiing though is “Ski Fit”. If you are unable to collapse the pocket or the pocket has to much drag you will not enjoy this technique. With a vast selection of recreational to race ski options there is a GREAT Classic Ski Out There for you! Bring in your current skis and lets look at the fit and see with your goals in mind what can be done with your current skis or what is available in New equipment. We also still offer FULL kick service for the Am. Birkie & other events as well.