Madshus- Fantastic or Folly?

Fantastic or Folly, Yes that is the question. The answer is an easy one ~ FAN -FREAKING-TASTIC

In the past say 4-7 years the discussion of skis & quality has had a huge shift in part to this thing they told me was coming back in college at Western State – The Internet. Yes many of you that may read this are only familiar with this world that contains WWW or things like Social Media. A Social used to be some kind of activity where you got together with friends, family and folks you did not even know to have food, conversation & get Out There. Sorry I digress.

Madshus- Well as with the Internet know the World is full of experts. If you want something to have a bad review, just look for it and I damn well know you will find a Bad Review on anything, anyone or service that you want. The thing I hear sort of often is “Well I heard that Madshus skis don’t have great durability” or “I’ve read that they are really easy to damage the base due to the core materials”. Well if this is what you have heard, or read congratulations. It’s FAKE NEWS.

We service all sorts of Brands of skis, from those well sell (Madshus, Fischer, Rossignol) to those other brands (Salomon, Atomic, Oneway, Peltonen, Yoko & others) Have we seen damaged bases from HEAT? Yes on everyone of the brands listed above.  Heat damage is caused by the person applying the HEAT, not the ski. As consumers ask for lighter, space age materials folks need to learn to maintain & wax differently. We also are a shop that does a lot of work with Wooden Skis. The most heat tolerable skis in existence. The only way you can damage them with HEAT is to actually start them on FIRE. Yes you use a torch to heat the Pine Tar but that does not mean that you start the wood on fire. Pine Tar’s flash point is 194* f, the flash point of the Hickory sole on a wood ski is 593*f. Really Come on be easy on your bases.

We do believe much of this comes from folks watching others who professionally wax skis. Like ourselves and others  we have wax literally thousands of pairs in a lifetime. It is an ART not a science. Once you have practiced and performed an activity Hundreds or even Thousands of times you learn how to adjust things like speed & temp of the iron to do what you need to do in the time allowed. Nordic Shops along with the Wax Manufacturers are always giving “WAX CLINIC” They discuss the proper techniques & applications of wax in order to get fast skis and not damage them.

So in closing, Madshus makes great skis. Just like many things in life all skis are not the same. Driving a Semi Truck and Sports car are very different although both are vehicles and the principles are the same.

Our final thought for you is this: Waxing skis is an ART!

Every Science Begins as Philosophy and Ends as ART!

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