The Original FROST TAPE

The Original & Re-Usable FROST TAPE

Being active outdoors wintertime can be a great strain on the body, concentration and well-being. Frost Tape is a special use tape designed to protect you and your skin against frost bite. Frost tape insulates the skin and keeps your blood circulating. Competition and training becomes more comfortable while the tape does not prevent a maximum speed and performance that heavy equipment can cause. It’s easy to put on and of without damage the skin. With their non-toxic and latex-free adhesive it’s smooth and soft for the skin.Frost Tape are recommended for all forms of outdoor activity during the winter – skiing, ski jumping, fishing, snow removal, hunting, Long distance skiing, running, on-call work and snowmobiling, It’s all up to you.  Price is per pack of 3 Pre-cut pcs. 2 for Cheeks & 1 for your nose    


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