USA Nordic Has left the Launch Pad!

So this AM I received a message from a family member in Norway about a Norwegian NEWS outlet headline of the USSA Nordic Ladies Team  ( )

and how they are doing amazing at the 2016 Tour de ski! Minutes later Jessie DigginsWINS Stage 6! Sophie Caldwell hammered it out for a WIN on Stage 4. Folks this is CRAZY BIG NEWS! Email your local TV, Radio & Newspaper. These are days that will change the course of NORDIC in the USA for the future Generations. Do not sit by and let media discuss the wows of some of our other athletes or how some other country on the other side of the planet is going to screw up our economy ~ This is Positive Great Stuff! SPREAD THE WORD OUT THERE!
Also a HUGE Congrats to the USA Nordic Team and our Johaug Girls Jessie & Sophie on Amazing WINS!

One response to “USA Nordic Has left the Launch Pad!”

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