Wrapping up the evening with a Fantastic Dinner at the “White Stag” a new local restaurant. Heather allowed us to have the Loft space in her Coffee House Badger Brew to give the crew a nice private venue for dinner.

We started the following day with a morning run & yoga to wake everyone up and a great breakfast. We then took a fantastic trail run in the Blue Hills to the Upper section of the Rock Creek Felsenmeer.


Post Lunch we returned back to the Blue Hills to our Great roller ski spot for a 2 1/2 hr OD Skate ski, and swim in Bass Lake. The Final day started again with a run & yoga, breakfast then Classic striding  & bounding work on Norwegian rd. a great 500′ climb in 3/4 mile. Wrapping up the day with a 2 Classic OD & technique session just outside Rice Lake near Hardscrabble.

We again want to extend a THANK YOU to Bruce Manske of CXC for partnering with us on this camp. Thanks also to the Athletes and Coaches who attended. It is Great to see the #NextGenerationOutThere !